Saturday, May 26, 2012

Be Safe

Last week, while I was browsing randomly, I have opened many tabs and suddenly a window has appeared and I found that something has been installed on my PC and it seems to be Anti-virus software called ''Security Shield'', which has disabled all of my existing applications including my Anti-virus software (Free version) and it has been prompting me to purchase it to secure my PC by removing the malicious threats on my PC right now. It has been scanning my PC and shows the threats on my PC and prompting me to purchase it in order to remove the malicious software on my PC. You know It didn't give me any chance that I just could not able to open even one application too. It all happened at no time and I found nothing to do.

It says my PC has some viruses, trojans etc. and it requires immediate removal of those items so that I have to purchase their product in order to proceed further.

It is very important that everyone must & should have a powerful anti-virus software installed on their PC. At least a Free anti-virus software (of course some are very powerful than paid softwares). PLease do so first and then only go to another work. Because security is very important than work completed. Otherwise all the information saved on our PC will be lost, if we get attacked by such things. Spread the message to all your friends.

Finally I decided to format my PC and inserted CD and restarted. Amazingly, it has been disappeared without requiring formatting.

In fact, I have nothing important at my PC, as I have got everything backed up regularly.

If we are alerty always, though something happened, there is no need to get worried about it any more.

Thank you and Be safe online.

Photo credit by vernieman

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